[Vendor Information]

Microscopic vendor fee compared to other similar events.

$100 for 10×10 space no power
$150 for 10×10 space with power
$175 + $50 for electric, if available for 10×20 – limited availability

Total for the entire three days!

Food Trucks/Trailers must be self-sufficient.  Bring your own generator.
Thunder-Rode BikeFest staff will determine placement based upon needed power source and noise level.

If interested in vendor space, please contact Sherry
at [email protected].

6:00 p.m. vendor close daily, if desired.
No breakdown until Sunday at 5:00 p.m. AFTER the final band performance.

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Space Size Required - Price Is For ALL 3 Days(Required)

Crowds have previously been really good all day long. The foot traffic was great all three days. We estimate somewhere between 3000-5000 people came through.
The comments and compliments we received from the vendors and visitors was amazing. Everyone was thrilled to see this event take place.  Attendees were bragging up the high quality vendors at our event, and the high quality products being sold.  We have never had so many wonderful comments and compliments about an event that we’ve hosted here or anywhere, as we had from the vendors and attendees.

Although there are no guarantees of sales, and sales will depend on demand for your particular products, we previously had reports from some vendors of sales in the thousands of dollars.

There is room to pull up a truck or van and load and unload your vendor tables/set-ups.  Our event center is a paved lot.

Yes, we have a restroom on site inside our air conditioned shop.

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